Monday, September 29, 2008

Green Student Fair

Sept. 25th was the Green Student Fair in the Union--at the SACC's booth, participants created reusable canvas bags.  Check out what went on!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Tour the SACC!

Just to give you a little taste of what you're missing out on, we're giving you a digital tour of the Craft Centre--check out everything we have to offer!
Welcome to the Studio Arts & Craft Centre, or SACC if you want to sound really cool--we're on the ground floor of the Union and open at noon.
We're much more than just a hallway--walk a little further and you'll discover the studio.  To the left and you'll find tables for ceramics, a slab roller, extruder, glaze room, 3 kilns, and 8 pottery wheels.
Stop in to use one of the 8 pottery wheels--you can even check out all the tools you'll need to make that perfect piece.
To the right you'll find the general studio area with a brand new screen printing wash-out sink, 6 work tables, a light table for photo negatives, rentable lockers, and the jewelry & metalsmithing area.
Onto the photo area--here is the main hallway.  The yellow lockers are available for members to rent.  At the end of the hall you'll find matte cutters, a photo drying rack, a negative dryer, and more.
There are 3 film processing/screen pr
ocessing rooms complete with all the tools and chemicals needed--just check them out at the front desk!
The B&W film darkroom has plenty of enlargers and all the tools you'll need.  If the Mitchell lab is full or you just want to play around with your photos, the lab is all yours.
The SACC has a variety of tools for check-out at the front desk.  Film processing kits, photo printing kits, sewing machines/supplies, clay buckets w/tools, screenprinting tools, and plenty of jewelry/metalsmithing tools are all available to members at no cost.
There are also a bunch of supplies available for purchase including red and white clay, clay tool kits, poster board/foam board, B&W film, photo paper, screens, and screenprinting inks.

Now that you've gotten a taste of the SACC, stop in and ask the clerk at the front desk for a real tour and get started on you projects!  Remember, UWM students have a free membership and community members, staff, faculty, and alumni are always welcome for a membership fee!

See you soon!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Upcoming Post Secret Event!!

Sunday, Sept. 21-Tuesday, Sept. 23

To celebrate Frank Warren's work with Post Secret and his upcoming visit to UWM on October 2nd, the UWM Studio Arts & Craft Centre (SACC) is hosting an open workshop for participants to create their own Post Secret cards.  Stop in any time during hours, bring some friends, and have a good time.  Create your own to send to the website or submit it for an upcoming show in conjunction with the lecture.  All supplies provided.  Need some inspiration?  Visit

You can also check out the event page on facebook for more details on Frank's event!

(image from PS website)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Drumroll please...

Welcome to the new, the improved, and never before seen SACC blog!

We'll be coming at you a couple times a week, so check back to see what's going on here in the SACC, as well as read member & staff bios, check out photos, get amazing ideas, learn about things we discover, and much more that's greater than you can ever imagine.  I promise.

We want your input and ideas, so feel free to leave comments and share things you think the SACC and members should know about.

We'll give you a little preview of the weeks to come with some of the photos from our first open clay of the semester and tie dying! (photos to come)

Meet Kelley & Kaarin, managers here in the SACC--they're always around so you'll get to the know them pretty well.
Some people mastered the technique of tie dying and walked away with some pretty awesome t-shirts.
A view from above!
The concrete even got a taste of the tie dying action.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fall @ the SACC!

Line-up of classes for fall!


Intro to Jewelry and Metals
Thursdays, September 18 through October 16
7pm to 9pm
Learn the basics of jewelry and metalsmithing. Techniques covered will include use of several tools (jewelers saw, torches, files, flex shaft, etc), soldering, cold connections, patina, and finishing. All supplies included.
Instructor: Frank Mueller 
UWM Students: $100 Faculty, staff, alumni: $120 Community members: $130

Wednesdays, October 29 through December 3
7pm to 9pm
Course will cover the basic techniques of the lost wax casting process. We will be using a centrifugal casting machine. Participants will design and construct an item in wax to be cast in bronze. Skills covered will include: wax construction, model making, spruing, investing, casting, cleaning, mold making and finishing. 
2 ounces of bronze will be provided, additional metal available for purchase.
All other supplies included.
Please note: Class will not be held on November 26
Instructors: Frank Mueller and Kaarin Swan
UWM Students: $140 Faculty, staff, alumni: $160 Community members: $170

Art Jewelry
Wednesdays, September 17 through October 8
7pm to 9pm
This class will cover a wide variety of DIY jewelry techniques and styles. Processes covered will include bottle cap jewelry, resin setting, flocking, powder coating, seed bead mosaic, use of alternative/found materials, repurposing old unworn costume jewelry and torch firing enamel. 
All supplies are provided, however participants can also bring in additional items and supplies they would like to work with! 
Instructors: Frank Mueller and Kaarin Swan
UWM Students: $100 Faculty, staff, alumni: $120 Community members: $130


Intro to Black and White Photography
Wednesdays, September 17 through October 15
7pm to 9pm
Class will cover composition skills, developing and printing from black and white negatives. Students must provide their own camera, supplies extra. 
Instructor: Tom Harris
UWM Students: $80 Faculty, staff, alumni: $100 Community members: $110


Beginning Pottery Wheel
Mondays, September 15 through October 13
7pm to 9pm
Students will learn how to make functional pottery including bowls, mugs and vases. Glazes and firing included, clay is sold on location.
Instructor: Andrea Hunley
UWM Students: $80 Faculty, staff, alumni: $100 Community members: $110

Self Portrait in Clay
Tuesdays, September 16 through October 14
7pm to 9pm
Create a self-portrait (idealized or otherwise) in the form a life-sized ceramic bust. Transform yourself into a hero, heroine, enchanter or enchantress. The final piece will be painted, waxed and buffed to a shine.
Instructor: Katheryn Corbin
UWM Students: $80    Faculty, staff, alumni:$100   Community members:$110

Home Sweet Home 
Tuesdays, October 28 through November 25
7pm to 9pm
Create a large serving platter utilizing slab construction techniques. Bring along a photograph of your home, your grandma's house or the place of your dreams. The final piece will be fired and glazed. A perfect addition, just in time for the holidays.
Instructor: Katheryn Corbin
UWM Students: $80    Faculty, staff, alumni:$100   Community members:$110


Screenprinting on Fabric
Thursdays, October 30 through November 20
7pm to 9pm
Students will learn the fundamentals of screen printing and create designs to print on a variety of cloth items. All supplies included.
Instructors: Kaarin Swan
UWM Students: $90 Faculty, staff, alumni: $100 Community members: $110


Tuesdays, October 28 through November 25
7pm to 9pm
Understand illustration as an art form, the form and function of visual elements and principles of design, using story boarding and narrative, acting tactics, research, and the creative process.  Learn common computer and non-computerized illustration techniques, and explore verbal and visual relationships
Instructor: Vanessa Andrew
UWM Students: $100    Faculty, staff, alumni:$120   Community members:$130