Monday, March 28, 2011

Meet our Employee...

Kate Kopp

Carrie Bradshaw
Painting/Drawing. I love it. I can't help it. Painting is the only thing that makes sense. It's an escape I allow myself to be lost in.
What is your position at the Craft Centre?
Program Manager. My job is challenging but in the best possible ways. I get paid to be creative and work with the most incredible people. The SACC staff is motivated, charismatic, funny, passionate, lively, dedicated and simply lovely.
What astrological sign do you believe you are, knowing now that is is false?
I hate astrological signs. I believe in Jesus. I don't hate astrology, but I put no thought into it's significance. Wow, that sounds serious.
What’s your favorite color?
Green. Sometimes blue is perfect, but I'm always drawn to green. This may be why trees are my most favorite thing.
What facility / tool / area do you think is the bestest at the Craft Centre?
The BESTEST would have to be the center fuse. Casting is an incredible process that I would encourage anyone to learn. Sign up for the Silver Casting class. It starts Wednesday, March 30!
What is the coolest thing you have made at the Craft Centre?
I made a drawing of Kim Sullivan's face. She is a hottie so I enjoyed it.
If you were a vegetable, which one would you be?
Broccoli, with a side of ranch because I can't eat broccoli without ranch.
What’s your favorite website?
Besides f-book? BAAHHH Well,,,
What is your favorite class you have ever taken while at UWM?
Painting Studio, Kay Knight keeps me motivated, and I love developing a series.
Lastly, Do you believe in Zombies?
I already told you - I believe in Jesus.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Valentine Card Making

This post is kind of late, but earlier this month we had a whole week for people to make valentine cards for their loved ones, their cats or dogs, maybe their fish? Here are some pictures... all the supplies were free to students and member so keep your eyes open for this event next year!

Making Floats for Mardi Gras Parade!

On Tuesday, March 8, the Craft Centre participated in a Mardi Gras parade throughout the Union at UWM. For the entire week prior, the SACC was available for differentstudentorganizations and union departments to come in a make a float. This year we had the Peer Health Advocates and puppet maker Jeff Holub collaborate with the float making.

Below are pictures of Jeff and Benito working on the "Needle" and "Thread" for the Craft Center a couple days before the parade. Here is a link for pictures f
rom the actual event on Tuesday.

Enjoy! :D

March :: Artists of the Month

Check out our March Artists of the month!

Nikki Koslow is a junior Painting & Drawing major here at UWM. Her paintings focus on space, ambiguous spaces and loss of direction. Her use of vibrant colors and and detailed imagery is gorgeous, check it...

Rachel Kedinger is a junior Jewelry & Metalsmithing major at UWM. She has some beautiful concrete and silver casted pieces on display here.