Thursday, March 29, 2012

:: Camera Rentals! ::

We're now renting out Cameras!
We havone Canon and one Nikon 35mm B&W SLR Film Cameras available. They can be rented for up to four days; Stop in to check for availability or sign-up on the waitlist!

Any outstanding charges on the camera will be added to your PAWS Account. If they are not paid, you will not be allowed to graduate. (For collateral, to ensure you will bring the camera back and pay for any damages that may occur.)

You have four days to check out the camera. On the fourth day the camera must be returned by Noon. You may re-checkout the camera at that time, as long as there is no one next on the waiting list.

If the camera is not returned on time, you will be charged the full price in which it costs at that time to replace the body, lens, and lens cap. If the camera is brought in late, after we have already charged your card, we will give you a refund, but will charge a late fee of $8.00 each day past the date of return.

The camera must be returned in the condition it was checked out in. Fines will be judged by the severity of the damage. Stop by the Craft Centre for more information on damage costs.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

:: Meet Our Employee! ::

Rachel Clark

Photography, Art Therapy, and Muggle Studies.
What is your position at the Craft Centre?
Photography Lead. I lurk around the corners of the darkroom.
What astrological sign do you believe you are, knowing now that it is false? 
I believe that I'm an otter; it doesn't have to do with spirit signs but that's just my spirit animal.
What’s your favorite color?
Any color under the sun!
What facility / tool / area do you think is the bestest at the Craft Centre?
Sewing machines because I rip my clothes frequently.
What is the coolest thing you have made at the Craft Centre?
I littered the Arts and Craft Centre with cat calendar cutouts once.
If you were a vegetable, which one would you be?
An asparagus. They have nice hair.
What’s your favorite website?
I like And, I like the Most Beautiful Teen contest on Facebook.
What is your favorite class you have ever taken while at UWM?
2-D concepts was really amazing, Christopher Willey was a fantastic teacher.
Lastly, Do you believe in Zombies?
No, but I do believe in cyclops's

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

:: IAMUWM: Interview with Kate Kopp ::

Our Program Manager was interviewed about the Craft Centre for the UWM video series, "IAMUWM". Check it out!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

:: T-Shirts! ::

We are now selling Studio Arts & Craft Centre t-shirts for $12 at the Craft Centre! We currently have two colors available: mocha and river blue.

Many thanks again to the designer, Kayleigh Rappaport! Never be afraid to color outside the lines!