Friday, February 17, 2012

:: Things You May Not Have Known... ::

We at the Craft Centre have many secrets, (good ones, don't worry). Where to begin?

1. We sell your crafty creations.

If you have some artwork that you would like to sell, contact us! Or if your living room needs some sprucing up, come see what we have available!

2. We rent lockers
Worried that you won't have a place to store your supplies? Lockers are "first come first serve", so be sure to try to snag them early on in the semester! We only ask that you don't use them to store anything illegal or bad smelling. We at the Craft Centre have an acute sense of smell.

3. We have a darkroom

4. We have an entire metals area
Complete with everything you need for your metal creations. Please don't light anything on fire.

4. Looms!
Check our schedule each semester for any loom classes or workshops we might be holding. If you know how to use a loom, feel free to use ours!

5. Glazing is fun
We have a wide variety of glazes to choose from. As long as you bought your clay from us, feel free to fire your glazed artwork here as well! We have three functioning kilns (and pottery wheels).

6. In a student org?
We probably have more Mardi Gras float decorating supplies than you. Make sure your club or student org is represented in the UWM Union Mardi Gras celebration!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

:: February Artist of the Month! ::

Kate Kopp is a Senior in the Painting and Drawing Department at UWM, with an Art History minor. Her work focuses on Biomorphic forms placed in poetic environments in order for viewers to experience moments of rest.

"I was painting with oil on canvas but plan to explore future work using ink, thread and paper."

After graduation Kate plans to pursue Residences and Graduate school.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

:: Free Events! ::

Who doesn't like free things? Every semester the Craft Centre holds a variety of free events, some of which are quickly approaching!

Open Clay!
Session: Saturday, February 4 | 1pm to 4pm
Know your way around a pottery wheel but feeling a little rusty? Perfect! During the Open Clay sessions, our resident ceramic specialist will be on hand to give you tips to make the most of what we have to offer. Plus, there will be free clay for MEMBERS of the Studio Arts and Craft Centre. Don't forget: all current UWM students have a free membership – just stop by and sign up.

Open Glaze!
Session: Saturday, February 18 | 1pm to 4pm
Did you participate in Open Clay and now need to glaze your pieces? Stop in and learn the basics of glazing from our resident ceramic specialist. Your pieces from Open Clay will be fired and ready to glaze! .

Mardi Gras Float Decorating!
Session: Saturday, February 11 - Tuesday, February 21
We have all the materials you need to decorate a float for the UWM Union Mardi Gras celebration! Make sure your club or student organization is represented in the parade.

Make your own Valentines!
Session: Tuesday, February 7 – Tuesday, February 14
We'll provide the supplies, you bring the love! Make a Valentine's Day card for your favorite sweetie!

Cards for Mother's Day!
Session: Monday, May 7 – Sunday, May 13
Don't forget your mom on Mother's Day, May 13th! We will provide supplies for you to create a card for the special mothers in your life! Let her know how much you care!

Spring Revival at the Union Concourse!
Session: Wednesday, April 11 | 11:30am – 1:30pm
Join us in the Union Concourse for some stress-free activities! Let's take the time to relax while being crafty with Teacup Light Candles. Come and pour hot wax into an antique teacup to make your very own candle. Take this treasure home and enjoy the atmosphere it creates!

Earth Day Runway with Madam Chino and Friends!
Session: Wednesday, April 18 | 12pm – 1pm | UWM Union Concourse
Don't miss out on the most eco-friendly fashion show around! Watch as models showing unique, recycled and handmade clothing walk the runway, accompanied by high-energy drumming.

Free Art Fridays

Colorize your B&W Photos!
Session: Friday, February 24 | 5pm - 9pm
Join us and learn the process of adding color to your black and white photographs! Color will be added through food dye. Members are encouraged to bring in old negatives, but a variety will be available to print from.

Woven Jewelry!
Session: Friday, March 9 | 5pm - 9pm
Members will create matchless woven pieces! Join us and learn how to string, weft and warp on a handmade loam, and leave this workshop with a piece of jewelry, bookmark or small woven tapestry.

Mold Making!
Session: Friday, April 13 | 5pm - 9pm
Need new style in your kitchen? Who doesn't? Come and make an entire set of mugs or bowls from press molds and show off your skills to friends and family. Clay, glazes and firings are free for the event!

Session: Friday, May 4 | 5pm - 9pm
Do you remember those furry birthday cards with the fuzzy puppy? That's flocking! Bring in any personal item or pick from our collection and start flocking! Flocking will transform your object into a soft and fuzzy creation. A wide range of colors will be available.