Thursday, April 21, 2011

::: Meet our Employee... :::

Alex Dobrient

Doby, Dobness, AD
What is your position at the Craft Centre?
Ceramics Area Manager
What astrological sign do you believe you are, knowing now that is is false?
Scorpio, good thing I never got that scorpion tattoo I always wanted when I was 15.
What’s your favorite color?
Black and Blue
What facility / tool / area do you think is the bestest at the Craft Centre?
The potter's wheel
What is the coolest thing you have made at the Craft Centre?
I sewed my own little black sack dress in the summer of 2011. (In the future)
If you were a vegetable, which one would you be?
I see myself as a bushel of Asparagus.
What’s your favorite website?
What is your favorite class you have ever taken while at UWM?
Intro to ceramics, Intro to printmaking
Lastly, Do you believe in Zombies?
Yes, and I am horrified.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

:: April Artists of the Month ::

Here's another round of awesome student artists showing their work here at the SACC.

Katie Broenen is a Photography/Graphic Design Major at the Peck School of the Arts. Broenen speaks about of her work saying, "My favorite project I've done thus far is entitled, "Where She's Been." It constitutes where I've been and within the last year, some places are of importance, some are just daily acquaintances, using my favorite pair of shoes to suggest my place within the environment. As I travel, I have been continuing this project; as of right now, I don't see an end. The presence of the shoes hints at my personality while my absent body allows the viewers to enter the space as if it were them."

Ruby Jaeger is a junior in the jewelry and metalsmithing department at UWM. Her body of work includes investigations of nature, language, and gender identity. She is the current recipient of the Logan Travel Scholarship, and will be traveling to Ireland, England and Scotland to further research on ancient metalsmithing techniques and practices.

Come check out this great work before the month is over!