Sunday, May 8, 2011

::: Meet our Employee :::

Kim Sullivan


Kim-Crackerz, Kimothy, Froggy


Graphic Design. But preferably, baking, illustrating, printing, crafting & googling.

What is your position at the Craft Centre?

Marketing Manager. I’m writing answers to my own silly questions right now.

What astrological sign do you believe you are, knowing now that it is false?

My love hate relationship with Astrology has me wishing and believing I’m an Aries yet living contently with my Aquarius personality. Soooo I guess I’m the new sign, Aquies. weeeeeeeeee

What’s your favorite color?

50s retro Turquoise/Aqua. Splash in copper for the ultimate color combination.

What facility / tool / area do you think is the bestest at the Craft Centre?

We have a darkroom with a serene environment. Nothing is better than that. Embrace film!

What is the coolest thing you have made at the Craft Centre?

The coolest thing I ever made and the first thing I ever made: Cowboy and Indian turquoise painted earrings.

If you were a vegetable, which one would you be?


What’s your favorite website?,,

What is your favorite class you have ever taken while at UWM?

Oddly enough, 3-D concepts during my freshman year was my favorite class at UWM. I’ve never worked harder and I built an amazingly odd digestive system out of my old waitress tickets I took orders on for years.

Lastly, Do you believe in Zombies?

Yes. I asked this question specifically to see who shares this fear with me. I like to lay in bed at night securing my survival plan.