Wednesday, December 12, 2012

:: Thanks for a Great Semester! ::

 Hello everyone!

Thanks for the most awesome of Fall semesters!

The semester began with a lot of fun at our tie-dye event where over 100 students and members showed up to tie-dye shirts and other clothing. In fact, some even went to Good Will to pick up some really interesting pieces of clothing. Over all it was a really great kick off to start the year.

Following this was our Henna Tattoo event we held for Pantherfest which, as all of you who attended know, was a bit of a struggle due to the insane weather. We want to thank everyone once more who came over to our tent anyways and braved the cold wind and rain to get tattooed by us.

Another event we participated in was Art-a-thon! Students came in and were taught by one of our instructors, Sam, how to screen print! It was a really fun time for all who came.

We had a really fun candle making event as well where students were able to come on in and make soothing scented candles! 

The last event that we'll mention was our Vintage Jewelry event where members came in and made awesome new pieces of jewelry out of old vintage jewelry that was just lying around. A lot of really awesome things were made. Our staff members Bryana and Nicole were very impressed!

We introduced our new Digital Lab this semester and we are completely thrilled at how many students and members have been making use of it and respecting the area as well. It definitely gives us a personal satisfaction to know that we are able to help out many different areas of the Arts.                             

Which brings us to our next exciting fact that we would like to remind all of you that we just got a new printing press! It will be up and running next spring semester and we could not be any more excited! Make sure you sign up for one of our screen printing classes!

As far as our classes and workshops went we had a lot of really amazing ones! One that we can touch on is our instructor Nicole Zapata's Introduction to Jewelry and Metals class. In this class students learned how to make jewelry mainly by soldering. It was a lot of fun and she even taught our Marketing Lead Bryana a few things! Nicole will be teaching more classes next semester including a Micro-Metals class where students will learn how to make interesting mini pieces! 

We would just like to remind you all that we will be having many awesome classes and workshops again next semester which we will update you on just as soon as we get our schedule out!

Thank you just one more time for anyone who signed up for a membership and had fun times with us this semester. We love and appreciate all of you who come and utilize our space! Have a very fun (and safe!) winter break, and we will see you next semester!

-The Studio Arts and Craft Centre


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